Thursday, April 16, 2009

Credit card fraud. Are you aware?

How do you know that your credit card is securely hidden under your wallet? How far do you aware about the credit card fraud?

Here I share my experience of being conned, by a salesperson today.

Rule no. 1 : Never ever expose your 3 digits security number on the back of the card.

Rule no. 2 : refer no. 1.

Someone called me today, promoting about their Touch & Go card, which is link to any of my credit card. The amount will credited automatically, every time I use it. The gay guy ask me all my personal information until come to last question - Can I have your 3 digits no. on the back of the card?

I'm a worried to give him the no, and quickly grab my laptop to check the url given,, and when I search for it, the link transform into this link; .Then he trying to convince me with some argument and reason saying that it is not the security number.. bla.. bla.. bla...

But at last I give up and gave it to him my credit card security number. ... When I feel something fishy, I rang the citibank customer service (JB Branch), and ask them. The lady said that I shouldn't expose the number and she agree to block the card, and I'll be given a new card. She also saying that they can easily use my credit card for any transaction!

The offer is really fantastic and fabulous. Seriously the offer blind me. I can't think wisely. Even I knew it and I still remember about the rule. But I only think about how easy I can use touch and go without 'top up' the credit. But, before I can enjoy the hotel, restaurant and cheap flight privilege, they will charge me RM 380 for a lifetime membership fees. Terkena aku!

Moral of the story : Careful with scam and fraud

I feel like an idiot!

Love to hear what you think!


  1. beb..lain kali ko toksah terpedaya la dengan menatang alah macam tuh..aku pon pernah kena sekali..hehe

  2. ... Kali ni aku terpedaya.. biasanya aku tolak (sebab dah banyak kali kena umpan).... tensen aku kena buat kad baru. Autodebit kena setup balik....

  3. Mendrem lebih kot diorang nie
    macam senang aja bro kena tipu

  4. KampungBoy > menderem .. kikiki... mungkin ya... mungkin tidakkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

  5. bahaya gak nih. aku takder kad kredit. kad debit ada la. tapi biasanya kalau org telefon tanya aku ada kad debit atau ada kad kredit aku terus cakap takder. aku cakap aku beli barang semua guna cash. wakakakakakaka.

  6. taukey> .... terkena aku kali ni...

  7. kadang2 kita tak sedar kita da termakan cakap sales-person tu kan?
    mulut manis betul.

  8. kes mcm ni xpe lagi...
    ade member kena,konon peraduan petronas ke shell.
    dapat RM100K.
    Sebelum dapat hadiah,kena bank-in RM10K ke account tertentu dulu. Ape kejadah nye....
    Lepas tersedar yang dia dah terkena,dia call la mamat yang tipu dia tuh. Tau ape mamat tu ckp?
    'HAHAHAHAHA! maaf duit anda tidak dapat dikembalikan! Thanks!'

    Cilake betol,no org tu dari sabah T_T

  9. juz wanna tell u that i'm juz receive call from that guy... also from linkclub...

    also mistaken like u but i'm not give my 3 digit on back card... however i think he maybe can teka or bruteforce within less than 1 hour...

    so i call the bank to cancel my card... done.. however he call again to get my 3 digit... i give the fake one.. even doe my card already canceled.. huuhhuhuu.. padan muka...

  10. sh4m > bahaya woooo.... Nowdays we can't exactly trace either they are doing the business right or they will do it for fraud.

    I have my friend which he get all credit card details from his friend, which is working for a resort. He easily exposed the clients' credit card details and my friend with his colleague purchase online stuffs with different shipping address (overseas)...

  11. aku pun terkena, 5 minit lepas tu baru sedar, and then cepat-cepat tepon maybank to blog my credit cards, hampeh tul diorang

  12. blowie > memang masak kena tipu sampai 10 k... report polis pun, payah juga nak trace..

    anonymous > kita kena berhati-hati dengan janji manis promoter macam ni. Ayat baek punya... cair beb kalau tak fikir betul-betul.


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